Is An Urn Better Than a Kettle?

Is An Urn Better Than a Kettle?  Whether it’s coffee or tea, everyone wants it steaming hot. So depending on how many cups you down per day or the number of people involved in the equation, there is always the issue of efficiency to deal with. How can we provide enough hot water(or coffee or tea) so that it is both power-efficient and cost-effective? Do I go for an electric kettle or a hot water urn? 

The answer depends. For one, if you and your family are heavy coffee drinkers, you should consider getting a hot water urn because it helps you save on time, and cost for boiling water. If, however, you intend to serve one to five people at once, at any point in time, heating water in the kettle makes sense.

The power consumed by your kettle depends on how many times you boil water for the beverage. Since you’re taking it from lukewarm(or cold) to boiling every time, you may want to know how it compares to a hot water urn. Keep reading to find out.

What Is a Hot Water Urn?

A hot water urn is an appliance that’s designed to heat water, keep it at boiling or near-boiling point, and then dispense it whenever needed. It is generally bigger than an electric kettle, and for good reason; to dispense hot water on demand- even for an army.

It is popular for use in workplaces, hospitality, and many other industries. To use, you only need to fill it with water or connect it to a water source, connect the urn to a power source and turn it on. 

Many of the latest designs come with automatic temperature adjustment mechanisms, so you only need to set the temperature to your desired one and leave it to do its job. 

When a hot beverage is needed, simply pressing the designated button releases the hot liquid. By releasing the button, you can stop the flow, and off you go with your steaming cup.

How Much Electricity Does A Water Urn Use(Compared To a Kettle)?

We will cut to the chase: the power consumption of an electric kettle is roughly the same as a hot water urn. Here’s why: If you decide to heat 20L of water to the boiling point, typically a hot water urn will serve that purpose excellently. However, if you boil 1L of water 20 times in a kettle, you would simply be using the same power as in the first scenario- only in installments.

But more important to our consideration is the mode of operation of the two equipment. If you heat cold water to the boiling point, a lot of electrical energy is used up in the process. It is, therefore, more efficient to heat a given quantity of water and keep it sizzling as long as you like. 

Unlike the hot water urn, you have to boil small quantities of cold water every time you use the kettle, costing you more in power consumption and expenditure. In this case, the hot water urn wins. 

Typically, a hot water urn uses about 1,200 watts of power for 90 minutes of operation. If you decide to keep it operating for longer, it translates to more power consumption in the long run. However, your electric kettle can easily give you sizzling hot beverages in a few minutes without wasting extra energy consumption.

Do Hot Water Urns Save Money?

Without further comparisons, yes, a hot water urn saves money. With an urn, you do not have to boil water repeatedly from cold temperatures. Simply pressing a button instantly delivers hot water, thereby lowering your electricity usage. It is ideal for offices with many staff. 

Again, the hot water urn is a solution to one problem: providing instant hot water to everyone in the room. So, it saves a lot of time to have ready-made hot water than having to do it from scratch. Time is money!

With better technology emerging every day, hot water urns have gotten even better in operation. In the latest versions, you can simply select the amount of water you need and only that amount gets boiled. So there is no need to boil all the fluid; this improves the energy and cost savings.

Best Hot Water Urn for the money

Zojirushi America Corporation Hybrid Hot Water Urn

The Zojirushi America Hybrid hot water urn doubles as a warmer and a water boiler. This one takes efficiency to the peak by having an air-insulated interior to heat loss. Cooler still, you save more on electric bills because the urn doesn’t boil all the water, rather, it can bring it to the desired temperature on demand. You simply have to engage in the quick temperature selection mode. 


  • Computerized temperature control system.
  • Non-stick, easy-to-clean interior.
  • Signal beep for temperature awareness. Click here to see on Amazon

Nesco CU-50 Professional Coffee Hot Water Urn

The Nesco CU-50 professional coffee hot water urn excels at brewing great coffee. It has double-walled stainless steel insulation to keep your coffee at your desired temperature over long periods. 

The Nesco CU-50 features a drip tray to capture any spills; clean less, enjoy more coffee! 


  • Double-walled stainless steel insulated exterior
  • Brewing time per cup: 1 minute.
  • Drip tray for capturing spills.
  • Dishwasher-friendly basket. Click here to see on Amazon

What Is The Most Eco-Friendly Way To Boil Water?

Boiling a cup of water is the most basic of kitchen tasks. It doesn’t even make a dent in your electricity bills, well, until you start to boil multiple times. 

The electricity that powers your kettle is only as clean as the method by which it was generated, so we understand that you’re concerned about the impacts on the earth. 

Coal is widely used as a source of power for electricity generation. Other means include radioactivity, natural gas, hydroelectricity, and all-new renewable sources like solar power. 

In essence, the greenest way to boil water would be the method that used less electricity. All things considered, the microwave is the best way to go about heating a cup of water. But that’s all you could ever do: a cup(or bowl) of water- considering the compartment size. 

If we were to choose between an electric kettle and a hot water urn, we would not- because we can’t. It all boils down to basic maths, individual preferences, and the technology used in each version of appliances. 

For one, you could get an efficient hot water urn that heats and delivers fluid only on-demand, thereby cutting back on your bill(without compromising convenience). And let’s not get started on the effective insulation modern urns come with.

Conversely, if you boil more water than you need in a kettle, you might not think it much, but overboiling wastes energy, which translates to more greenhouse emissions. A kettle is an efficient appliance in its own right, whether it can be used more efficiently depends on the user.

Should I Buy a Solar Electric Kettle?

Still on eco-friendliness, what better ways to boil water than with the rays of the sun? Portable and efficient with solar modules to heat your water, you can have a great cup of coffee while saving the planet. All thanks to solar electric kettles.

Also, If you love hunting, camping, and other outdoor activities, you would love the comfort of a solar electric kettle. 

If you’re interested in these energy savers, but don’t know where to start looking, don’t fret; here’s our top recommendation for this category:

Contemporary Energy Solar Kettle With Temperature Gauge

Contemporary Energy solar kettle comes equipped with efficient thermal insulation to keep your water hot for as long as possible.

If you’re on an outdoor adventure, this boiler can hold 17 ounces of fluid and weighs only 2.65 pounds by itself.  

The kettle utilizes solar reflector technology which can quickly heat your water to 200F and remain comfortable to touch on the outside. 


  • Capacity: 17 ounces( about three cups).
  • Boils water in 20 minutes.
  • Durable design.
  • Portable and light.
  • Temperature gauge. Click here to see on Amazon


Can An Inverter Power An Electric Kettle(or Hot Water Urn)?

Electric kettles or water urns, these appliances come in a plethora of power consumption rates. So depending on the size and type of your appliance, you would need to tailor your inverter size to your appliance’s consumption. 

The power consumption depends on the amount of water being boiled and the starting temperature. Most kettles require less than 1,000 watts per hour of usage. Bigger kettles and hot water urns typically require more power. 

To know if you can use your water heating appliance with your inverter:

  • Check and note down the power rating of both kettle and inverter. 
  • Add 20% of the appliance’s power rating to itself i.e kettle’s power rating + 20% = new rating.
  • Compare the new rating to your inverter. If it is lesser than your inverter’s rating, you can safely use your water heating appliance with the inverter, if not, you can’t use it. 

You can use an 800 watts kettle, for example, on a 1,000 watts inverter.

Wrapping Up on Is An Urn Better Than a Kettle?

There’s no comparing the electric kettle and the hot water urn, and for obvious reasons: they each solve certain unique problems. If you have a group of friends coming over, take out your kettle and brew cups of steaming coffee. In a workplace, however, get it going with a hot water urn.

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