How to Quiet a Dishwasher

How to Quiet a Dishwasher. Serenity makes the ideal home but your dishwasher can deny the experience. If your dishwasher is acting up, becoming louder by the day, you can fix it. This article is about how to quiet a dishwasher and is something you can do without inviting a professional.

If your dishwasher is built-in and not quiet, remove it from the unit under its cabinet. Install additional insulation solution in it to dissolve noise. You could use paper-backed insulation from your attic or garage if you want a cheap solution.

After pulling out the unit and installing your noise solution, ensure to firmly tighten loose electrical lines, clamps, and hoses.

Not having a quiet dishwashing experience could be due to your investment. For example, it is harder to tell when a 1,000-buck dishwasher is running. However, a $250 dishwasher lets the household and neighbors know it is washing.

How Loud Are Dishwashers?

The loudness of your dishwasher would broadly depend on the brand and model. Your next-door neighbor could have a Kenmore that scares the household while it washes.

However, a GE could be so quiet that you wonder whether it is running or stopped working. It all goes down to the decibels—the higher, the louder.

Nonetheless, this quieter dishwasher still does the perfect job in making your pans spotless, and you never have to rinse dishes.

An automatic dishwasher falls within the range of 38 to 62 decibels. Some dishwashers can be quieter than 38 dB but you have to invest more money to own one.

A 62-decibel dishwasher is loud, you can even hear the engine howl while the water rush gives a firehose-spray sound.

At 40 decibels, a dishwasher is quieter. Some brands significantly optimize their products at this level such that you cannot tell when the engine is operational. You would have to go ears closer to know that your dishwasher is running.

In such dishwashers, even the water splashing noise is whisper-quiet. You only hear a bit of noise while it drains—you only hear draining water go into the food disposal.

Why is My Dishwasher Getting Louder?

  • Wrong placement. First, confirm that the legs of your dishwasher are balanced and adjust them if possible. If the machine has been shifted, you want to reposition it to amplify surrounding surface vibrations when turned on. 
  • Worn spray arms. The spray arms on your dishwasher must spin freely, otherwise, it will not be quiet. Wobbly arms are a sign of worn-outs, so you may have to purchase replacement spray arms. You also want to inspect the plastic rings supporting the wash arms. Loose plastic rings could be a sign of worn-outs causing your dishwasher to lose its quiet.
  • Clogged or defective drain pump. Your drain pump underneath the dishwasher could be the culprit. The drain pump drains water and pressurizes the spray arms. A drain pump can cause the dishwasher not to be quiet and is a sign of clogging or a defective drain pump. You can inspect your drain pump for possible blockage, otherwise, it is defective and you require a replacement.
  • Worn water inlet valve. The water valve inlet is an electrical component that lets water go through your dishwasher. It can wear out over time, causing your dishwasher to become noisy. If your dishwasher fills water loudly, it could be the culprit behind your unique dishwasher. Get a replacement water inlet valve, problem solved.
  • Old dishwasher. If your dishwasher is 7+ years old, and you use it consistently, it is probably time to buy a replacement. Most modern dishwashers are quieter, so you no longer have to worry about the noise.

How Can I Make My Dishwasher Quieter?

To make your dishwasher quieter, you need to install a quiet solution that dissolves noise. You can make your dishwasher quitter by following the procedures below:

  • Remove the Front Panel

First, unplug your dishwasher from its power source. Open your dishwasher and take out the surrounding screws on the inside. Close the door again and take out the front panel.

  • Buy Sound Absorbent Matting for the Front Panel

You need sound-absorbent matting for your front panel. Measure the length, width, and depth of the panel, and purchase a suitably sized sound-absorbent matting for your front panel.

Of course, you can cut the sound-absorbing matting to a suitable size. Ensure to get the correct depth because it is harder to get it right than cutting the correct length and width.

Place the sound-absorbent matting solution in the front panel of your dishwasher and screw it back.

  • Remove the Dishwasher to Access the Rear

To access the rear, begin by disconnecting the water lines from your dishwasher. Shift the dishwasher away from the wall after a brief screw job that holds your compact dishwasher to the countertop.

  • Place the Insulation Blanket

You might find an insulation blanket across the top of your dishwasher, and perhaps, the sides. If you already have one, check that it has not worn out. Otherwise, you need a replacement insulation blanket.

An older insulation blanket is less effective and may offer too little to quiet your dishwasher. You should find the insulation blanket attached with a rivet to the dishwasher.

You can remove it with your needle-nose plier, depending on the design. Replace your old insulation blanket and pad it well using the handle of your screwdriver.

Meanwhile, you might want to consider buying the following suggested insulation blankets:

  • Morgan Cerablanket.

Morgan offers an 8-pound tough and durable ceramic fiber blanket that does the job of adding quiet to your dishwasher. It is designed 2 inches x 12 inches x 24 inches and double-needled to be stronger and durable. The Morgan Cerablanket can handle compression and direct flame contact comfortably. Click here to see on Amazon

  • Frost King CF1.

You can buy the Frost King CF1 for your noiseless insulation, dampening, and cushioning. It is a safer alternative for your built-in insulating solution. You do not require goggles, gloves, or a face mask during replacement, but disconnect the dishwasher from the power source. Click here to see on Amazon

  • Place the Sound Absorbing Matting in the Rear

You also need the sound-absorbing matting in the rear to quiet your dishwasher. Cut a small strip for the vertical length and another for the horizontal length of your dishwasher. Finally, place it using a reliable household adhesive. You can consider the Orbjet matting:

  • Orbjet. This is a 2-inch thick sound absorbing matting with 25kg/cbm density for improved sound absorbance.
  • Replace Your Dishwasher

Finally, replace your dishwasher. Reattach the hoses and reconnect them to the power source. If after turning your dishwasher on, it is not quiet, you can buy a dishwasher basket to hold it in place. You can also only do dishes when leaving the house so that you do not hear the noise.

Your final resort is to get a replacement dishwasher. Ensure to invest in any of the low noise dishwashers mentioned in the next section.

What Brand of Dishwasher is the Quietest?

Bosch SHE3AR76UC

The Bosch SHE3AR76UC is the dishwasher to invest in for the quietness. It performs exquisitely and adds a premium feel to your modern home.

You would definitely adore its sleek build and stainless-steel body. It spots the following exciting features:

  • Noise level. The noise level is a key feature to look at when buying a dishwasher. The Bosch series brings just 44-decibel low noise to your home.
  • Wash cycle.  This Bosch dishwasher offers up to 5 spotless wash cycles, including additional 4 wash options.
  • Rack number. You have an additional third rack which increases your dish capacity for a more convenient wash.
  • Place settings. You also experience what it feels like to have up to 16 place settings despite its compact design. Click here to see on Amazon

Miele G5006SCUSS

Miele is one of the quiet and reliable dishwashers out there. It runs at 44dBA, so low that you must bring your ears down to earth to hear it running. Apart from serenity, this high-end dishwasher has the following to offer:

  • Racks. Miele lets you adjust the height of your rail, suitable for glassware. You can also lower the center section of your rack to get more space for your cutlery.
  • Wash cycles. It uses six wash cycles, plus its unique quick wash settings. It also delays the start for up to 24 hours, allowing you to use it conveniently.
  • Energy efficiency. It arrives with reliability and durability and not just the ear-friendly quiet for your apartment.

How Do You Know if a Dishwasher is Quiet?

You can tell how quiet a dishwasher is from its decibel level. At a 45- or lower-dB rating, a dishwasher is quiet. The quietness it brings is similar to a low library discussion, or say near-graveyard silence.

At 45 to 50 decibels, you are getting the quietness level of rainfall while from 60 is louder.

If the dishwasher manufacturer conceals the product decibels, do not buy it; it could be a disguised loud dishwasher.

Final Thoughts on How to Quiet a Dishwasher

Dishwashers go loud for various reasons and can be challenging to intuit it correctly if you are not a specialist. Thus, it is advisable to invite an appliance repair person when you have to quiet your dishwasher.

Nonetheless, going DIY is a way to learn but you must know when to retreat.

Sometimes, fixing it yourself could cause more damage, meaning you would be replacing a dishwasher that required a minor fix.