Can I Puree with a Hand Mixer?

“Can I puree with a hand mixer?” Perhaps, no depending on how much energy you can apply. Besides, the hand mixer is the least effective among the kitchen appliances that can puree your food.

A hand mixer is not built for puree, and it causes lots of spatter. Use a hand mixer for thicker preparations in your larger vessels, including cookie dough, a bowl of batter, or cake mix. Pureeing with a hand mixer also gives dissatisfying results.

The primary function of your hand mixer is to whip and mix. It uses a pair of beaters that will quickly turn your heavy cream and egg whites into a gentle foam.

Will a Hand Mixer Puree?

A hand mixer will puree ineffectively. Therefore, you need specialty pureeing tools for your kitchen experience.

Suppose you put a cup of raw spinach in your blender with water. A blender easily chops the spinach and blends it with water, so you get something like green water.

However, trying to puree with the same mixture using a hand mixer in a bowl will give a poor result. You will only get water with floating bruised spinach in it. The beaters of your hand mixer will also have stringy spinach wrapped around them.

If you have fine powders such as sugar or flour, or ingredients like liquids, you can use a hand mixer for a good result. You can also make crepe batter or whipped cream with a hand mixer.

A blender for thick ingredients like frosting makes you a bad chef. This is because it does not perfectly move within the blender jar to the reach of the blades.

Can I Puree Soup with a Hand Mixer?

Again, a hand mixer is built to batter and mix dry ingredients with the wet ones. Thus, your hand mixer will not puree soup smoothly.

To smoothly puree your soup, including split pea soup, bisque, or tomato soup, you need an immersion blender. It provides a better result than your basic hand mixer. You can also ladle a few cups of soup in batches into your blender, or even a food processor.

A hand mixer will not smoothly puree solid bits in your pot of soup. However, it will mix liquid and power well enough without forming lumps like a blender.

In essence, a hand mixer is not the go-to option for pureeing your soup. It also causes excessive spatters. Use your hand mixer when you have to prepare cake mix, batter, or not-too-thick cookie dough in a larger vessel.

What is a Hand Mixer Good for?

A hand mixer is your basic baking kitchen tool good for preparing dough for baking. It uses elements known as beaters to mix and cannot excellently replace your blender in pureeing.

Just like a blender, you can purchase attachments for your hand mixer to enhance its performance. However, additional accessories do not make your hand mixer function flexibly like a blender.

Meanwhile, ‘Which?’ thinks a hand mixer is perfect for a specific occasion, smaller space, and limited cash due to its nature. It reduces the energy you put into baking by speeding and making certain tasks lighter.

Like a blender, a hand mixer can whip your egg whites, cream, and pudding nicely. However, the purposes of a hand mixer are limited when compared to the traditional blender.

A hand blender will not mix your dough, it chops the dough ingredients, keeping you from being the better chef. A blender does not also mix as much dough as you need, but a hand mixer handles the job well.

Hand Mixer for Puree

We have already mentioned that a hand mixer cannot finely puree your needs. However, this section is a compilation of hand mixers that can try to puree smoothly:

Facelle 5-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Facelle’s lightweight 5-Speed hand mixer is a modern solution for mixing your food needs finely. It is not the hand mixer to completely depend on for pureeing but can be substituted in the absence of a blender.

It also provides smart options for detaching and cleaning its mixing elements after use.

Below are some other features that make Facelle the reliable hand mixer:

  • One handedness. Facelle lets you mix your way to brilliance comfortably with its single rounded handle. The handle is made of tough materials capable of resisting wear.
  • Quality. Investing in the Facelle hand mixer is investing in a factory-tested mixer tested 20,000 times with strict manual inspection to guarantee effectiveness.
  • Build material. Materials always matter. Facelles is stepping out with food-grade materials to enhance baking. You also have dough hooks for dough-whipping to greatness. Alongside is a whisk for your creams and eggs, and two beaters to impress bakers.
  • Mixing power and heat control. Apart from meeting quality standards, Facelle uses a 400W power motor to whip and blend your dough, cream, cake batter, and more. Facelle also makes sure your machine does not overheat by giving it a fan and multi-hole design for efficient heat and ventilation.
  • Whisk and beater. Invest in a hand mixer that uses the whirlwind beating method to produce the best egg whites whipping and give smoothened food. Its beater is a flaky stirring rod that completely stirs your butter, mixes paste ingredients, and beats the cream. Click here to see on Amazon


HousesAid is no new name for hand mixer production. This company is making a statement with an ultra-power mixer giving your cake, egg, dough, and cream a whole new whipping.

HousesAid understands that the hand mixer is essential in your kitchen. Therefore, they are remaking this one to give you an edge over baking demands.

Check out the features you can expect:

  • Speed. Speed is necessary for quick doughs. Here you go with a multi-speed hand mixer that leaves no ingredient unmixed within a record time. Its smart turbo boost establishes efficient and even speedier mixing.
  • Portable and compact. Bakers need something portable to lessen the hassle. HousesAid is giving you a portable and compact hand mixer to mix with less energy. You can even disassemble the beaters to store them in the smallest space.
  • Easy cleaning. You can easily detach the accessories for better cleaning by simply pressing a button.

How Do You Puree with a Hand Mixer?

We already know that a hand mixer whips egg mass, not-too-stiff dough, homemade mayonnaise, cream, and some others. 

First, get a straight-sided bowl for the perfect mixture. You can also use a bowl with a splash guard to keep the mixer from throwing out too many items.

You can try to catch some of the splashes by putting your hand over the bowl. Meanwhile, some items only splash the most immediately after inserting the mixer. If you whip cream, for instance, it will not splash anymore after thickening.

If you are mixing heavier items, you can switch to thicker hooks depending on your product manufacturer. A heavier dough requires sufficient engine power and even special nozzles for the finest result.

The hand mixer beater can touch the sides of your bowl while mixing. You can also move your hand half the bowl diameter every few seconds.

Lastly, it is okay for bits to escape your bowl while trying to puree. You can reduce the splash by keeping the beaters perpendicular. Always scrape the sides of the bowl if you have to and continue mixing.

What Are the Speeds on a Hand Mixer?

The speeds of a hand mixer depend on the manufacturer and product model. Some hand mixers use 3, 5, and sometimes up to 10 speeds.

We have explained that a hand mixer will not puree your food well enough. However, the mixer speed can impact how smooth your puree comes out. So, a faster mixer could mean a smoother puree.

When mixing dry ingredients into a puree, start with slower speeds to reduce splatters and kitchen mess.

What Number on a Hand Mixer is Medium Speed?

Depending on the supported speed settings on your hand mixer, the middle number is your medium speed. For example, in a speed setting scale of 1-9, speed 5 is your medium speed.

Pureeing will not be smooth on medium-speed settings. However, you can use it for beating frostings and creaming butter. A faster beating on this scale will be 7 or 8 which can whip your cream and make meringues.

The fastest speed on your hand mixer will not also puree well enough but can quickly whip egg whites.

Can You Use a Hand Mixer to Make Baby Food?

Let us look at this from the viewpoint of pureeing your baby’s food. A hand mixer will not puree your baby food to the finest.

A better alternative for pureeing your baby’s food will be your blender or food processor. Instead of pureeing your baby’s food, a hand mixer is only versatile to give you a poorly blended chunky mix.

Final Thoughts on Can I Puree with a Hand Mixer?

Again, a hand mixer is only basic in your kitchen. Always keep the main body from water, children, and pets.

Use a larger bowl for mixing, and begin at slow speeds to reduce splatters. Some items stop splattering a few seconds into the mix.

Do not run the hand mixer for too long trying to make a puree. Lastly, after every 2-3 minutes of use, allow your hand mixer to cool off to prevent overheating.

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