Can Electric Kettle Purify Water?

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Can Electric Kettle Purify Water?
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Can Electric Kettle Purify Water? Experts think 212 degrees Fahrenheit will sanitize water. But can electric kettle purify water at all? Perhaps, the chance is slim. Let us discover.

An electric kettle can boil water to kill harmful bacteria. However, it does not purify it. The water is still unclean in some sense until you filter it.

Your electric kettle, nonetheless, does its job—to boil. But you have to do more, including distillation, and perhaps, filtration or reverse osmosis to purify it.

Is it Safe to Drink Water Boiled in Electric Kettle?

Consider the water boiled with an electric kettle as ‘sterilization’. Boiling water with an electric kettle does not remove harmful pathogens. It only kills the pathogens, so you do not get sick of them. In essence, you are drinking dead organisms.

If you boil dirty water, the color remains the same notwithstanding how long you heat it in your electric kettle. Instead of drinking living bacteria, you are drinking dead ones.

The water should be safe for drinking but does not mean that it is clean. Therefore, your electric kettle only kills some of the pathogens that can die at heated temperatures inside the water.

Purifying Your Water

You can go further to distill your water after boiling it in your electric kettle. This process can remove less volatile impurities which include most of the things that will not boil out of the water.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you can add some bleach to make your boiled water safer to drink. It is advisable to add liquid bleach to a gallon or 16 cups of water. Mix it well enough and allow up to 30 minutes before you drink it.

If the water does not smell a hint of chlorine or appears cloudy after 30 minutes, it is advisable to give it another round of treatment.

You can use water filters to filter out particulates, including dead pathogens. Alternatively, you can simply allow the water to settle and then scoop it out.

Does Boiling Water in Electric Kettle Kill Bacteria?

Unfortunately, boiling in an electric kettle does not kill all the bacteria. It also does not also kill all viruses, protozoa, and fungi.

For example, we can find low concentrations of bacillus cereus in dry rice which is safe to consume. Cooking the rice does not kill them, instead, they start to multiply when the rice gets wet and warmer.

Moreover, even the bacteria killed are not cleaned from the water when you boil it in an electric kettle. The dead bacteria remain in the water until you get rid of them.

Experts claim that a huge number of bacteria can survive the heat from boiling water. Some of them will become dormant until the heat reduces so they can multiply.

Most other contaminants remain in the boiled water. Moreover, your electric kettle and the material you pour in the boiled water could still have bacteria.

Some filters out there can filter most contaminants up to the molecular scale. We also have a process known as distilling which vaporizes and condenses water back to the cleaner water. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that you will get 100 percent purified water from these processes.

What is the Healthiest Electric Kettle?

You want the healthiest electric kettle for your household to remain healthy. Unfortunately, many cheapies out there also claim to meet health standards.

Some of the affordable and yet healthiest electric kettles to buy include the following:

JIANW Electric Kettle Temperature Control Stainless Steel

The JIANW is a healthy solution for your boiled water. It is a temperature control electric kettle with up to 6 preset heat settings.

It boils water evenly from, including even your French press coffee, teas, hot cocoa, and more.

Below are additional reasons why the JIANW is your perfect choice for drinking purified water:

    • Safety. The JIANW uses food-grade materials built from stainless steel and BPA-free. It will boil your water until the contaminants are dead. You will need to filter the water to completely purify it for drinking.
  • Keep warm. JIANW uses a smart ‘keep warm’ system to make sure the water in your kettle stays warm for 30 minutes.
  • Handling. It is built for safe operations and uses a thermally-insulated handle to make boiling purified water a consistent experience in your household.
  • Boiling speed. Your JIANW will boil 1.7 liters of water below 8 minutes which saves time. Moreover, the boil-dry protection turns off your electric kettle when it senses no water inside.

Jocuu Gooseneck Electric Kettle Variable Temperature Control

The Jocuu is a food-grade 304 stainless steel that ensures you drink purified water. Its boiling power makes sure your water gets even healthier than before.

Below are additional reasons you want to invest in the Jocuu electric kettle:

  • Temperature control. Jocuu uses precise temperature control to brew optimally. You are free to select the suitable temperature for your water to ensure the perfect kitchen experience.
  • Boiling speed. This gooseneck electric kettle runs on 1200W capable of boiling water within 1 to 3 minutes. If you have to purify your water for drinking, the Jocuu electric kettle gets it done even faster. It will automatically turn off when it reaches the desired temperatures.
  • Keep warm. The LED panel lets you read the real-time temperature. You can set the temperature you prefer to keep the water warm for up to 120 minutes. This kettle will remember your previous preset temperature to make sure your drinking water boils at the required temperature. Click here to see on Amazon

How Long Does it Take Boiling Water to Purify?

Your boiling water will not purify until you filter it. However, how long it takes for water to reach boiling temperatures that kill pathogens depends on your electric kettle. A typical electric kettle boils water within 3 minutes.

When you boil water in an electric kettle, allow a few minutes before you begin the purification process.

Again, boiling your water does not purify it per se. It kills the pathogenic microbes and leaves them dead in the electric kettle.

To purify your water for drinking, you have to filter the chemical contaminants. If it is cloudy water, you will have sediment in it.

You can try to settle water before boiling it in your electric kettle. Pour the boiled water into a clean container.

Finally, use a water filter to purify your water. You can improvise a water filter with gravel, clay, and even porous cloth, but not advisable.

How Do I Get Rid of the Metallic Taste in My Electric Kettle?

You can get rid of the metallic taste of water by descaling your electric kettle. First, fill the kettle with about three-quarters of its maximum level and boil it.

When your electric kettle automatically turns off after boiling, add white vinegar to the maximum level and let it settle in it overnight.

Pour out the content and rinse the inside of your electric kettle thoroughly. Fill it with fresh water and bring it to a boil. Empty the electric kettle and use fresh water for rinsing it again.

If you find a scale in the kettle, the metallic taste is still there, so you repeat the process. This can also help to increase the operational life of your electric kettle.

Is It OK to Leave Water in Electric Kettle?

It is okay to leave water in an electric kettle after boiling and purifying it. Otherwise, it will not remain safe for drinking for a long time.

Purified water can stay up to weeks or months in an electric kettle. However, there may be changes in the taste but would be safe for drinking unless it contains fungi or bacteria.

It is only open to bacteria if the electric kettle has a break that bacteria uses to get inside. Nonetheless, bacteria will not easily get inside your electric kettle, so there is a low chance of contamination.

How Long Does Water Stay Hot in Electric Kettle?

Water can stay hot for up to 30 to 120 minutes in an electric kettle depending on the manufacturer and model. Some electric kettles also feature the ‘keep warm’ which brings your water to warm after boiling.

A cheapie may keep your water warm for up to 50 minutes only. In worse scenarios, the water starts getting cold immediately after the electric kettle shuts off.

Consider investing in a replacement electric kettle if your current model does not keep the water warm.

A premium electric kettle also automatically shuts off after water boils, so you can leave it unattended.

Final Thoughts on Can Electric Kettle Purify Water?

Although your electric kettle can kill most disease-causing organisms when it boils, it does not purify your water.

Always descale your electric kettle once in a while. This should also keep the metallic taste away. You can add white vinegar solution with water to your kettle and allow it to run overnight.

Rinse the kettle with fresh water to get rid of residual vinegar. Note that descaling also helps to prolong the life expectancy of an electric kettle.

Finally, do not use sharp objects to scrape the electric kettle so you do not scratch it, or perhaps, damage the heating elements.

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